Friday, July 6, 2012

Concrete Fasteners Classification & Nomenclature

I wanted to discuss an area I myself was not educated on until I had a home project the other day.  Concrete Fasteners, while I may understand the Stainless steel fastener market, this is new to me.  I wanted to give an overiew of the choices you will find on the market.  Even though BUMAX doesn't offer such a product, I figured this may help somone find the right company and fastener for your need.

ProductConcrete Fasteners, Inc.HiltiSimpsonPowersRed Head
Wedge AnchorWedge AnchorKwik BoltWedge AllPower-StudTrubolt
Sleeve AnchorSleeve AnchorHLCSleeve-AllLok-BoltDynabolt
Drop-in AnchorDrop-in AnchorHDIDrop-inSteel Drop-inMulti-Set II
Concrete ScrewTapcon®Kwik-Con LL +Titen®Tapper®Tapcon®
Strike AnchorStrike AnchorN/AEasy-SetN/AN/A
Hammer Drive AnchorHammer Drive AnchorMetal Hit AnchorNailonZamac Hammer ScrewHammer Set
Split Drive AnchorSplit Drive AnchorN/AMSD/CSD/DSDDrive®N/A
Machine Screw AnchorMachine Screw AnchorN/AExpansion Screw AnchorCalk-inN/A
Lag Shield AnchorLag Shield AnchorN/ALSESLag ShieldN/A
Nylon Nail-itNylon Nail-itN/AN/ANylon NailinN/A
Single Expansion AnchorSingle Expansion AnchorN/ASMSASingleN/A
Double Expansion AnchorDouble Expansion AnchorN/ADMSADoubleN/A

Wedge Anchor: The Wedge-All® wedge anchors are a non-bottom bearing, wedge-style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout-filled masonry. A one-piece clip ensures uniform holding capacity that increases as tension is applied. The threaded stud version is available in eight diameters and multiple lengths. A single size tie-wire version is available for wire-supported fixtures. Tightening the nut sets threaded studs. Tie-wire anchors are set with the claw end of a hammer.
Sleeve Anchor: Sleeve-All® sleeve anchors are pre-assembled expanding sleeve anchors for use in all types of solid base materials. These anchors are available in acorn, hex, rod coupler, flat or round head styles for a wide range of applications.
Drop-in Anchor: Drop-in anchors are internally threaded deformation-controlled expansion anchors with a preassembled expander plug, suitable for flush mount applications in solid base materials. 
Concrete Screws: Titen® screws are 3/16" and 1/4" diameter masonry screws for attaching all types of components to concrete and masonry. Available in hex and phillips head designs in three colors. Use with appropriately sized Titen drill bits included with each box.
Strike Anchor: The Easy-Set is a pin drive expansion anchor for medium and heavy duty fastening applications into concrete and grout-filled block. Integrated nut and washer helps keep track of parts.
Hammer Drive: Anchors are low cost anchors for light-duty applications under static loads.
Split Drive: The Split Drive anchor is a one piece anchor, with a split-type expansion mechanism on the working end. As the anchor is driven into the hole, the expansion mechanism compresses and exerts force against the walls of the hole. Can be installed in concrete, grout-filled block and stone. Available in mushroom, countersunk and duplex-head styles. The duplex head Split Drive is designed for temporary fastening applications and can be removed using a claw hammer.
Machine Screw Anchor: The ESA was the original internally-threaded mechanical anchor design. The malleable lead shield allows for secure mounting.
Lag Shield Anchor: The Lag Screw Expansion Shield is a die cast zinc alloy expansion shield for anchoring lag screws in a variety of base materials, including concrete, concrete block, brick and mortar joints. Radial ribs provide additional holding power in softer material.
Single Expansion Anchor: The SMSA is a corrosion resistant, die cast machine bolt anchor with a single internal expanding cone for use in concrete, concrete block and brick.
Double Expansion Anchor: The DMSA utilizes the same basic anchor design as the SMSA but with double expansion cones to provide higher loads and better performance in base materials of questionable strength.


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